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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 

 Tips to Maintain Your Home This Fall

The costs of not preparing your home properly for fall can be high. Here are some timely maintenance tips you may find helpful:

Clean Gutters. Gutters clogged with debris can lead to damage to your roof line, soffit, exterior siding and even the foundation of your home. Clearing gutters allows them to perform their job of moving water away from your home.

Check the Roof. Summer wind and rains may have lifted or even peeled away some shingles. Visually inspect your roof for damaged shingles and raised areas. Repair these areas before colder temperatures arrive.

Have Your Furnace Checked. This is the best time for a professional tune-up of your heating system. You also want to replace filters to help it run more efficiently.

Check Your Chimney. If you didn’t have your chimney cleaned in the spring, have it done now. A build-up of creosote in your chimney can cause a destructive fire.

The importance of proper chimney flashing

January 2015

Alliance Roofing & Home Repair: Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:12 AM

Chimney flashing plays a critical and important role in keeping water out of your home. Flashing is the layered material usually made of aluminum, copper or stainless steel that protects the seams where your chimney and roof come together.

Chimney flashing can become damaged or defective as a result of high winds, animals, or shifts in the wood or foundation of your home. Time and wear can cause the caulk that seals the flashing to become loose and break away from the flashing. If this occurs you may need to have your flashing resealed. Metal flashing can also experience corrosion as a result of water damage over time.

All of these issues can cause extensive water damage in your attic if left untreated.

Flashing should be installed in two layers. The first layer should be incorporated in with the roof shingles, and the second layer should run up the sides of the chimney. Once the flashing is properly placed, a waterproof caulk is used all around the flashing in order to create a watertight seal. An Ice and watersheild product should be wrapped around the base of the chimney before the flashing is installed to insure no water can get in.

If you live in middle Tennessee and you would like us to inspect your Chimney.

Give Alliance Roofing & Home Repair a call.  

Fall Maintenance Home Exterior Checklist

Alliance Roofing & Home Repair: Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 4:20 PM

Fall Maintenance for Home Exterior 

Repair any peeling or blistering paint.

Inspect the roof for missing or loose shingles.

Inspect all roof flashing to make sure it is tightly secured.

Clean gutters and downspouts.

Caulk windows and weatherstrip doors.

Remove and store screens and install storm windows and doors to insulate and save on energy bills.

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